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Aug. 19, 2022

Anita Bhogle on what’s stopping women from corporate success

Anita Bhogle on what’s stopping women from corporate success

Welcome to APause Book Club! Here we talk to authors and try to understand the unique process that went into creating the book. We also discuss passages and concepts from the book to better understand the author’s thought process. So, dive in and get new recommendations for your reading list.

In this episode, Varun and Anita dive deep into the challenges women face in their professional lives. Commonly associated with women, they discuss how the term ‘multitasker’ sets the unfair expectation that they need to juggle their personal and professional lives effectively.

Anita Bhogle, author of Equal, Yet Different is Speaker, Director and IIM Alumni. Her book talks about women in the professional world and the catalysts responsible for them not finding leadership opportunities. Co-authored with Harsha Bhogle, her first book The Winning Way shows how learnings from the field of sports are universally relevant and can be applied to improve our approach to life.


(00:00 - 01:30) Intro

(01:31 - 02:23) Things that surprised Anita while writing the book

(02:24 - 04:55) Anita’s research process with the book

(04:56 - 11:05) Career Intentionality

(11:06 - 11:55) Men having FOMO

(11:56 - 15:20) Evolved winning triangle

(15:21 - 23:27) Lessons for men that they should keep in mind going forward

(23:28 - 25:39) Mathew Mott’s Story

(25:40 - 32:10) 3 Tyoes of women

(32:11 - 35:01) Work Life Integration

(35:02 - 38:43) Pause & Reflect

(38:44 - 40:39) Outro

Books discussed in the episode

  • Lean In - Sheryl Sandberg

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