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April 15, 2022

Megha Rao on Being Present, Making Your Own Identity & Creating A Legacy

Do you feel the need to overshare on social media out of the fear of being forgotten? Perhaps it would be helpful for you to learn about NOMO - the Necessity of Missing Out!

In this episode, poet, performer and artist Megha Rao takes some time out of her digital detox for an insightful chat with Varun. She talks about the importance of being mindful & present while searching for internal validation, instead of chasing external validation. Megha shares how she protects herself from burnout, and builds a healthy mindset towards competition.

Megha’s work has been featured on platforms such as Penguin Random House India, Firstpost and The Open Road Review. She’s been a part of the Spoken Fest and Thought Catalog. Her podcast “Poems to Calm Down to” trended at #1 on Spotify podcasts in India.

Time Stamps

(00:00 - 1:52) Introduction

(2:05 - 3:06)  Megha Rao’s digital detox

(3:07- 4:40) How to live in the present?

(4:41 - 8:04) Present thinking vs positive thinking

(8:05 - 9:24)  Activities that spark creative ideas

(9.25 - 13:04) Importance of taking a pause in Megha Rao’s creative journey

(13.05 - 18:00) How Megha Rao figured her voice as a creator?

(18:24 - 18:54) Gaining wisdom

(21:05 - 22:47) How Megha broke out as a poet

(22:58 - 25:45) Not getting influenced by external voices

(25:46 - 31:02)  The different drivers for writing, podcasting, and stage performances

(31:03 - 33:55) Avoiding burnouts & dealing with FOMO

(34:05 - 36:08) Dealing with competition

(36:09 - 41:20) Dealing with the fear of judgement

(41:21 - 43:14) How to hook people to your craft?

(43:15 - 48:16) Who motivates Megha?

(48:17 - 50:59) Who creates a legacy? Art v/s the artist

(51:00 - 52:25) Megha Rao’s process


Book list

1. How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy - By Jenny Odell.

2. Deep Work - Cal Newport


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