LISTEN NOW: Varun Duggirala ; Ankur Warikoo on Consistency, Inner-negativity & growing your passion · 58 min
April 25, 2022

The only person you need to impress is YOU

The only person you need to impress is YOU

Do you want to change something about yourself or learn something new, but can’t seem to establish a disciplined routine?

Ask yourself, why do you want to change, or improve that thing? What is your motivating factor? Who are you doing it for? Is it truly something you want, or are you doing it just to impress other people?

If the motivating cause isn’t strong enough, then it may be difficult to get the desired effect in the long term. Tune in to find out why you need to take a pause and introspect a bit before you set out to do something.


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“Take a pause with Varun Duggirala” ( previously “The Varun Duggi show”) is a thrice a week podcast that’s meant to enable its listeners to take a pause amidst the chaos of their daily lives to learn tools, embrace ideas and soak in concepts that will help them find motivation, build the right mindset and perform at their best. Varun also occasionally taps into the minds of truly  interesting  people to give listeners a learn from and use in their work, life and everything in-between.

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Welcome to Take a Pause with me Varun Duggirala, a podcast for you to hit pause amidst the chaos. Find motivation, build the right mindset and prepare yourself to perform at your best in your work life and everything in between.

How often do you find yourself losing motivation? You set out to do something, and slowly but surely that motivation goes away. You decide you're going to go to the gym because you want to look better than you feel. You look slowly, that goes away. You tell yourself that you're going to sound more confident in your meetings, present better, present more keyword at some point, and that goes away. And there is a deeper reason for that. A lot of these motivations are driven by external factors. You want to seem better in a meeting so that the people in the meeting, your colleagues, your clients, whoever you're presenting to you want them to perceive you a certain way. But the day maybe those people aren't in the room. Are you necessarily motivated enough because they aren't there. They're your motivation. Motivation is external. Same goes for working out. You want to look a certain way for people because you want them to look at you a certain way. And external motivations go away. Because when the external triggers for those motivations or those people move away or unpresent when it's weaker. But what stays stronger is intrinsic motivation. What's internal to you? Do you want to feel fitter inside? Is this something you want? And if this is something you really want, then why can't we go away in it? Because we are with you all the time. If you really want to present better because you know that you presenting better, makes you feel more confident as a person, makes you feel more fully rounded as a professional, and you will continue to work on presenting better. Your motivation is driven by what's inside you. So whenever you really want to do something, you won't go looking for motivations outside. Find that motivation inside of you. Find your intrinsic motivation because the extrinsic ones go away with the intrinsic ones will always stay. So you need to kind of work on that. Plant that seed, water it daily, and seed grow inside. Something to think about, isn't it?

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