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Anupama Chopra on Being a Film Critic, the Future of Indian Cinema & Building Content Around Content

Have you ever thought to yourself...Writing film reviews is easy, anyone can do it? Well, maybe not! This week I dig into everything to do with building content around content and being a film critic with author, film critic and Editor-in-Chief at Film Companion, Anupama Chopra. And truly understand the need for a deep and informed understanding of cinema to properly critique a film. She talks about what got her interested in Bollywood, the challenges in what she does and what keeps her going. She also shares her thoughts on the future of the film industry and the evolving Indian audience, given the rise of OTT platforms and the Covid-19 pandemic.

00:00 Intro
04:11 What Anupama missed the most during the pandemic
05:11 On the movie theatre experience
06:55 Anupama’s journey into becoming a film critic
09:15 Difference between critiquing and criticising
12:07 How is the movie watching experience different for a critic
14:42 Curating the Behind the Scenes of a movie
17:28 Origins of Film Companion and its role in the light of paid journalism
21:47 Differentiating 'cinema' from mainstream masala movies
25:24 OTTs creating space for 'niche' cinema
26:29 What motivates Anupama as a film critic
30:18 Sense of responsibility as a film critic
32:00 How are reviews changing with the digital medium
35:03 The business side of movie industry & recent developments
37:22 The closing gap between Movies and Series
39:33 The Indian cinema audience's interest in nuanced conversation
41:56 Fulfilling the Indian audience's demand for content
43:53 Secrets and tools to building content around content
46:38 How Anupama has found inspiration throughout her career

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