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Can You Find Real Connections Online? | @Dev Raiyani | Varun Duggi | Take aPause

If you scroll through reels or YouTube a lot, you're bound to come across Dev Raiyani’s content. In this episode of Take aPause, Varun talks to Dev on what it takes to be a Gen-Z content creator where the digital space is open to everyone. Is becoming an internet sensation easy today? Is the online audience accepting of everyone with a unique voice? They discuss what being an internet personality truly means.

Dev Raiyani is a digital creator & artist who has over 300k+ subscribers on YouTube and a verified Instagram account. He enjoys creating content and edits all his videos himself. He started his YouTube channel at 13 and has only grown since then.
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Time Stamps:
00:00 Introduction
02:31 Online Conversations
04:16 Creator Journey & Validation
12:46 Introverts on Internet
17:18 Creating Art
26:00 Overthinking & Anxiety
34:25 Youtube Friendships
40:50 Fame & After-effects
46:30 Brand Deals
50:00 Dev's Motivation
55:26 How Dev Takes aPause

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A creative entrepreneur turned content creator, Varun is one of India’s leading conversationalists in the modern business, personal development, and creator landscapes with over 1 million podcast listens.
The author of the bestseller Everything Is Out of Syllabus, he’s the host of Advertising Is Dead, one of India's most popular business podcasts with over 300,000 listens in 2021 alone, as well as co-host of Think Fast, an irreverent business podcast that has ranked #3 on Apple’s Podcast Marketing Charts.
In 2009, he co-founded The Glitch, India’s largest ‘digital-first’ creative agency.


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