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How to Make Fitness Fun? | Sohrab @SOHFIT | Varun Duggi | Take a Pause | Part 1/3

We’ve all envied people with great fitness routines and the discipline it takes to maintain them. We often shut ourselves off from the possibility that we, too, can do it.

In Part 1 of this episode, Varun talks to Sohrab Khushrushahi, a lawyer-turned-fitness coach, about how the first step towards fitness is simply making the choice to start. While vanity is the reason many people get into fitness, Sorabh says you can only sustain it if you enjoy it.

Sohrab gave up a 15-year-long career in corporate law to follow his passion for fitness. Today, he runs Sohfit, a popular fitness program that has highly personalised and individually tailored programs. His goal is to make fitness fun for everyone.

00:00 Was physical activity always loved by Sohrab?
03:00 How was the shift of perspective from vanity to performance
06:20 Fitness is a lifestyle
08:07 Excuses for skipping a workout
11:03 Can fitness be fun?
15:32 Plans VS Goals

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