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How to Stand Out from Your Competition | Megha Rao | Varun Duggirala | Take a Pause | Part 2/3

Here’s Part 2 of Varun’s chat with poet, performer and artist Megha Rao. In this episode, Varun asks Megha about the challenges of creating her own identity amidst the many 'Instagram poets' and performing artists. She talks about her struggles of sharing the personal with the public and the importance of NOMO (Necessity of Missing Out). Stick around for Megha’s take on fostering a healthy mindset towards competition.

Megha Rao is a performance poet and surrealist artist from Kerala. Her work has been featured on platforms such as Penguin Random House India, Firstpost, The Open Road Review, New Asian Writing. She’s been a part of the Spoken Fest and Thought Catalog. Her podcast “Poems to Calm Down to” trended at #1 on Spotify podcasts in India.

00:00 Intro to Part 2 with Megha Rao
00:45 How to stand out from the crowd
03:50 How to not let external opinions affect you
06:48 How to drive your creative process
12:33 How to save yourself from burnout (The Necessity of Missing Out)
14:46 Dealing with competition

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