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Ma Anand Sheela Doesn't Care About People's Opinions | from Netflix Wild, Wild Country Fame

Former aide and spokesperson of godman Rajneesh (Osho) in the 80s, Ma Anand Sheela is on the Varun Duggi Show this week to talk about her story on her own terms. While many know her from the controversies while she ran the commune, Rajneeshpuram, in Oregon, US, Ma Sheela now spends her days caring for the elderly and people with mental health issues. Here she sits down for a heart-to-heart with Varun around the launch of her book “By my own Rules” and Varun talks to her about her story post all the events that have been chronicled in the past and looks to dig into her mindset, her beliefs, the lessons she has drawn from them and seeks to understand her better through the rules that have defined her life

00:00 Intro
2:52 Why Sheela decided to write her new book
5:54 Finding Resilience
7:19 "This too shall pass"
10:24 Past, Present, Future
11:44 Sheela’s relationship with her dog Cora
17:38 Why Sheela calls herself an ‘Eternal opportunist’
21:33 Her parents' unapologetic love story
25:06 Sheela's learnings from her parents
28:06 Looking back on her journey with Bhagwan
31:19 Living with pain
35:51 Trusting you instincts
38:22 On gratitude
40:34 What to expect from Sheela's book

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