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Rytasha Rathore on Self-Esteem, & Being an artist

In this episode of The Varun Duggi Show, actor Rytasha Rathore opens up on self-esteem issues that have plagued her as a young person growing up in the age of social media. Varun and Rytasha explore the connection between self-esteem and the ‘inner child’, and the role of societal expectations and social media creating standards that we feel we have to up to. They share their views on woke culture and how we still have a way to go when it comes to social issues such as body positivity and diversity. For anyone who has ever felt like an outcast, this one's definitely for you!

00:00 Intro
4:16 Varun & Rytasha discuss their childhood
6:53 Self Esteem: How it connects to childhood and social media validation
10:58 Varun on overcoming his self-esteem issues
15:16 Figuring out self esteem and bringing out the Inner Child
18:34 The pressures of looking a certain way
18:35 Beauty standards and body positivity
21:30 Body positivity and the need to normalise it
23.27 Bringing about social change and unlearning internalised prejudices
26:57 Calling out social prejudices
31:11 Recognising unconscious bias
36:13 Dealing with social expectations as a parent
41:14 Varun on how fatherhood has changed him
42:06 Learning ‘mindful listening’ as a Podcast host
43:15 On ‘wokeness’
46:13 Rytasha on what motivates her
47:33 Rytasha’s experience hosting a podcast with her friend Ayushi
49:08 Losing our creativity as we grow up
52:21 The pressures of being a social media creator
56:07 On being a ‘successful adult’

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