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Under25 Founder Anto Philip on Staying Ahead in the Content Game

The CEO & Co-Founder of Under25 Anto Philip went on a prolonged personal break from social media in 2020.

As the brain behind one of India’s most prominent youth culture platforms, Anto has seen the sheer exhaustion that comes with the constant demands of social media, especially as a content creator.

In this episode, Anto and Varun talk about what keeps them going as creators and how they focus on content that serves a purpose over just focusing on the numbers.

00.00 Intro
06:00 Going offline to regain focus in what's important
10:28 Experimenting with content and breaking the norm
18:17 Once you've mastered the habit game, then what?
26:26 Learning to just have fun as a content creator
34:35 "Boredom" can be super constructive too
37:51 What Anto like as a kid (and where did his interest in content come from)
44:42 Being a multi-hyphenate and drawing from culture, community and story
53:18 Balance between high quality and high volume
56:02 How the audience shapes the content
59:20 Public vs private persona?
1:01:32 Outlook on the future. Where's the zombie apocalypse?!!
1:03:26 Celebrating chaos and confusion that comes with experimentation
1:05:15 Being a creator is not easy!
1:08:53 Outro

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