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Vishnu Kaushal on Authenticity, Relatability & Everything in Between

"Authenticity" and "relatability" are two words that are pretty overused these days. But they remain the fundamental pillars of being a content creator who audiences gravitate towards.
In this week's episode of the Varun Duggi Show, Varun sat down with one such Content Creator Vishnu Kaushal for a heart-to-heart on everything and anything in between.
Wait for the half-way point when they conversation takes a turn for deep philosophical and existential questions that keep us up at night!

00:00 Intro
03:40 Storytelling via vlogs
05:27 Being a content creator as an introvert
09:19 Journaling and self awareness
11:13 Creating relatable content
13:54 Navigating your identity through your content
19:30 Dealing with insecurities & anxieties in a public domain
26:01 Small Town vs Big City mindset
29:26 The 'hustle' culture
31:39 Living your life on social media: 'We are the guinea pigs"
35:59 Fitting into the mould of 'social media' culture
40:11 The incredible healing effect of digital detox
44:51 Bookish pet peeves!
46:20 Finding stillness
48:11 Creating safe spaces on social media
52:04 Staying authentic as a content creator
58:24 Figuring out life goals

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