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Why Don’t We Talk About Sex in India? | @Leeza Mangaldas | Varun Duggi | Take aPause

In this highly informative chat with Leeza Mangaldas, Varun asks questions that ideally should’ve been answered in our school years. They talk about why intimacy is overlooked and considered taboo. Leeza gives her take on why women have been conditioned to take on the role of being gatekeepers to sexual activity, while heterosexual men are allowed to explore their sexuality.

Leeza Mangaldas is a sex-positive creator utilising her social platforms to break stereotypes around sex. Through her YouTube channel and podcast, she aims to create more awareness around female pleasure. Her mission is to help build a world where all sexual experiences are consensual, safe, and pleasurable!

00:00 Sex and shame
04:48 Becoming a sex-positive creator
08:36 What about female pleasure?
11:19 Learning from lived experiences
13:22 Sex education in India
17:04 When is sex "acceptable"?
20:26 Sexual behaviour: Men vs Women
23:04 Normalising sexual behaviour
27:11 Making informed choices
30:20 Biggest misconceptions about sex
33:40 Communicating without shame
39:35 Building trust when you fear shame
45:47 Finding mentors
49:31 Asking for it?!
51:37 Creating boundaries
53:16 Addressing the orgasm gap
53:41 Leeza on taking a pause

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A creative entrepreneur turned content creator, Varun is one of India’s leading conversationalists in the modern business, personal development, and creator landscapes with over 1 million podcast listens.
The author of the bestseller Everything Is Out of Syllabus, he’s the host of Advertising Is Dead, one of India's most popular business podcasts with over 300,000 listens in 2021 alone, as well as co-host of Think Fast, an irreverent business podcast that has ranked #3 on Apple’s Podcast Marketing Charts.
In 2009, he co-founded The Glitch, India’s largest ‘digital-first’ creative agency.


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