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Yahya Bootwala on Being a 21st Century Modern Poet

The wandering, tortured and aged picture of a poet is a common cliché. But modern poets today present a very different and diverse picture as individuals who’re channelling their feelings and experiences and amplifying it through poetry. One such writer, storyteller and poet is Yahya Bootwala (known for his viral 2017 piece “Shayad Wo Pyaar Nahi”), he left his 9-to-5 job at a fairly young age to follow his passion for poetry and storytelling. In this week's episode, he talks to Varun about the profound impact Imitiaz Ali’s characterizations of Ved and Jordan from Tamasha and Rockstar have had on his life, while also opening up about his learnings and sources of inspiration as a writer. Follow him on social media:

0:00 Intro
3:00 The beginning of Yahya’s journey as a poet
6:37 Varun & Yahya’s first dabblings in poetry
10:10 Yahya’s connection with Imtiaz Ali
12:56 Yahya on finding inspiration
14.33 The relationship between the poet and the audience
16:26 How to write better poetry
20:12 Finding your creative outlet
22:55 The Creator Animal and the Career Animal
26:57 On hope
30:15 Setting systems VS Setting goals
33:25 How Yahya tracks his growth
35:08 How to hone your art by reading
39:08 The demands of different formats of writing
40:59 The importance of validation
43:03 Yahya’s tips for poets

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